Riviera Beach, Maryland

Riviera Community Improvement Association (RCIA)

Next Meeting is Tuesday - March 17, 2015 (7:30pm) at Jenkins Memorial Church


Where Bay, River & Creek Meet


Riviera Beach is a private waterfront community in Anne Arundel County.  The Riviera Community Improvement Association's website provides residents with useful information about community events and initiatives.  Click on the buttons to the left to navigate through the site.  

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  • New!!   Please note: due to inclement weather, there will be not February 17th meeting
  • NEW!! Please note - Riverbea Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Jenkins Memorial Church
  • New!! Erosion Budget Vote will be at the next RCIA Meeting November 18th.  Please plan to attend so you have a say in how your money is spent
  • New!!  Anne Arundel County Community Clean-up for Riviera Beach has been scheduled for October 29, 2014.  The dumpsters will be delivered by noon on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 and picked up by 8:00 a.m. on October 31, 2014.  They will be placed at the same place as previous years, along Dale Road & Arbutus Road.


    If you know of anyone who would like to take the responsibility of monitoring the drop off for the clean-up program, please let us know.  We need to prevent disposal of the following items:  junk automobiles, trailers, gas and propane tanks, tree trunks, oil drums or tanks, liquids, hazardous waste, boats, tires, logs, paint and refrigerators or air conditioners.


  • New!! Riviera Beach Memorial Project -Please contact Michael Vaccariono if you would like to purchase a brick  rivierabeachmemorial@gmail.com  443-605-5903 Check out the Memorial Facebook page for more info HERE
  • New!! RCIA Family Fun day in the park is 5/31/14 - Hope to see you there!
  • New!! Boat Ramp Reminders - Please remember to lock the gate after each use. Also sharing of keys is against the rules.  Anyone caught sharing a key or parking/using the ramp without an authorized key/stickers is subject to having their vehicle/trailer towed. Use of the ramp by non-residents & those who have not paid, is unfair to those who have and hurts our community as a whole as Riverbea uses the money collected to to pay for grass cutting, electricity, etc.  Contact Sam at 410-360-2990 for a key.
  • New!! Jenkins Memorial Church 21st Annual Golf Tournament. Info HERE

  • The yearly RCIA Children's Christmas Party was on December 22nd at 3pm. Photos HERE
  • A SETTLEMENT HAS BEEN REACHED in the Pending Lawsuit!!!!! Read about it HERE
  • Ultimate Frisbee in the Park every Sunday at 2pm. Contact Jerry Jeffers 410-255-8425 for more info
  • Meeting minutes from 10/8/12 Dunkin Donuts pre-submittal community meeting, can be found HERE  
  • Please don't feed the Geese. More info HERE
  • Family Fun Day on June 2nd was a huge success.  Thanks to everyone who came out and everyone who volunteered to make this happen.  Photos can be found HERE
  • Special Thanks to Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Department for attending our May meeting.  Thanks for all the information they provided, answering everyone's questions & for everything they do to protect our community.  Please remember the RBVFD when donating this year.  Also, RCIA was able to raise funds to purchase TWO Pet Oxygen Masks that were donated to the RBVFD at the meeting.  Special THANKS to Commercial Contractors of Riviera Beach for purchasing the second mask!!    Thanks to everyone who contributed!  More info on the masks can be found here: www.wagnpetsafety.com/pet_oxygen_masks.html  and HERE.  Photos from the meeting can be found HERE
  • RCIA "Beach Crew" T-shirts are available for purchase $15.  100% of the profits go to RCIA.  Shirts are donated by local smal business W.J.Hegarty Home Improvements.  Shirts are made by Red Eye Sports Co.  Contact Dawn @ 410-439-0885 if you would like to purchase a T-Shirt.
  • Reminder, it is illegal to ride off-road vehicleson county roads and community property.  Residents, RCIA & Riverbea are working with local authorities to take action against violators
  • Want to advertise in the next newsletter?  Info HERE
  • New Events & Activities added to the Calendar
  • Boat Ramp Key - Please contact Contact Sam at 410-360-2990 for a key. Please complete the forms on the Riverbea website HERE Note: New keys are now $70, $50 if you return your key from previous year.


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  • Thanks to Mr. Carroll Dove of the Erosion Committee for handling the removal of trees along the water area. A copy of the report can be found HERE.
  • RCIA Legal Fund Lotto Tickets for sale. Email secretary@riviera-beach-me.org for more info or tickets
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Ruth Ann Thuman for being the Pasadena Voice Volunteer of the Month & for all her work in the community over the years. Story HERE
  • THANKS! Boy Scout Troop 414  for building fishing line recycling tubes at the Boat Ramp, Pat's Pier & the Yacht Club!!  If you know anyone interested in joining the Boy Scouts, please contact them.  They are doing lots of great/fun activities.  You can read the story in the Maryland Gazette  HERE
  • Got Questions?  Find your answers at the NEW Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Safety -  To keep our neighborhood safe everybody needs to be aware and alert and willing to report suspicious activity. Don't Hesitate to Call 911! 
  • Have you paid your dues? - You can do so online now!

RCIA Board Members


  • Jeff Brewis - President - effective Sept 15, 2009
  • Eric Etzel - Vice President - effective Sept 15, 2009
  • Karin Buddock- Secretary - effective January 2012
  • Bill Squires - Treasurer - effective June 2010

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